Purdue Law Offices, LLC is located in Toledo, Ohio and represents clients all over the US, and around the world, exclusively in the field of intellectual property law. Today, the value of a company’s intangible intellectual property assets often exceeds the value of its tangible assets. It is critically important for companies to identify and protect their intangible intellectual property.

John Purdue founded Purdue Law Offices in 1984. His son, David Purdue, joined the firm in 1986. John died in 2009. Today, David is the sole member of Purdue Law Offices, LLC and he is blessed to have the opportunity to carry on the family tradition of listening to his clients, understanding their goals, and helping them achieve those goals.

Purdue Law Offices is part of an extraordinary global network of intellectual property attorneys. We work with attorneys around the world who help us protect our domestic clients’ intellectual property outside of the US, and they rely on us to protect their clients’ intellectual property here. We provide our clients everywhere with outstanding services to protect their intellectual property anywhere in the world.

Dave is recognized as an expert in international trademark law. Although he maintains an active patent practice, trademarks are his passion. Patents expire and patented inventions become part of the public domain, free for anyone to use. Trademark registrations, on the other hand, can be maintained so long as the registered marks are in use.A trademark, or brand name, is the foundation upon which a brand is built. A good brand name is, therefore, an extremely valuable asset. Indeed, many US companies have brands valued in billions of dollars. Valuable assets must be protected and Dave has been protecting his clients’ valuable trademarks in the US and abroad for decades.

A company has the right to expect outstanding trademark representation for a fair fee. According to clients of Purdue Law Offices, Dave has been exceeding such expectations throughout his career.

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